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Thinking of Buying a Condo?

By Matt Leask -published in Homes and Land Magazine Oct 2021   Whether you are a first-time home buyer, looking to downsize, or simply prefer the benefits of condo living, you may be considering purchasing a condominium unit instead of a traditional freehold home. With changes in the Ontario housing market, smaller markets such as […] Read More

Listen to Leanne Standryk’s GNCC interview on Employment Law and Covid-19

  Please note that information about Government programs are dynamic and changing almost daily.  The content of the interview was current to April 2, 2020.  For updated developments please see additional publications authored by our labour and employment department under our Publications Section and for the latest information please go to:   Government of […] Read More

The Importance of Estate Planning for the Millennial Generation

If you were to ask a millennial to make a list of their life plans or priorities, it would likely include such things as educational and career accomplishments, vacation experiences and building relationships. Graduating, landing their desired job, paying off their debts, buying a home and traveling are likely to be high on that list. […] Read More

Protecting Gifted Properties Upon Marriage Breakdown

0 What’s Yours is Mine, and What’s Mine is Yours Mine   It is every millennial’s dream to be gifted a property or given enough money for a down payment. With housing costs continuously soaring, we could all use some help with our home-buying woes. For those lucky enough to receive gifts of money or […] Read More


By Leanne Standryk and Alexandra Del Vecchio   Hiring the right person means hiring someone who has the necessary qualifications for the job but also someone who demonstrates alignment with your workplace values and objectives culture.   Developing an effective recruitment process that is systematic for each candidate is important.  Understanding how the law impacts each […] Read More

I am Sorry, Don’t Sue Me.

Apologies and Liability in Canadian Contract and Tort Law. By Jonathan Marchand   People are strange and complex beings. However, despite this complexity, we tend to prefer simplicity and order, and have developed an amazing skill at pattern-matching. This skill has been a boon to humans during our development, leading us to develop art, writing, […] Read More

Electronic Signatures

 by Matt Leask   Information Technology has become widespread enough, and advanced enough, to the point where most people expect to be able to complete just about any task using their smart phone from pretty much anywhere in the world. I am one of these people, I’ve had a cell phone my entire adult life. […] Read More

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