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Administrative/ Municipal/ Government

Administrative law addresses the actions and operations of governments and governmental agencies in Canada. Municipal Law is specific to a particular city or county including everything from police power, zoning, education policies, and property taxes.

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A Construction Law Firm People Can Trust in St. Catharine

When the stakes are high, you need a team that can help you plan ahead and mitigate risks from when the shovel hits the dirt until the project is complete. Receive knowledgeable, practical guidance at all stages of your project, from contract and contractor identification to completion, with a seasoned team.

Our team provides construction law advice from lawyers who have helped shape the Niagara Falls skyline. We provide cost-efficient, pragmatic solutions that align with your objectives.

Book a free, no-obligation professional lawyer consultation to discuss your project.

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Expert Construction Law Advice

Leverage the expertise of a team that takes projects from concept to completion. Our lawyers draft construction agreements, assist with financing, lien registrations, and represent clients at negotiation, bond claims, and all other claims.

We advise and represent clients in all construction-related matters, including:

  • Project financing
  • Administrative law
  • Construction contracts
  • Construction litigation
  • Lien representation and claims
  • Breach of trust claims under the Construction Act
  • Public-private partnerships
  • Workplace health and safety laws
  • Negligence claims
  • Regulatory approvals
  • Environment issues
  • Zoning
  • Construction delay claims
  • Property damage and faulty work claims
  • Architectural and engineering malpractice claims

We have the capacity and capability to present you before Ontario tribunals, appellate boards, and courts.

Over 100 Years of Helping Construction Projects Reach Completion

Lancaster Brooks & Welch has been around for over 130 years, making us one of the most experienced law firms in the Niagara region. Our lawyers and legal professionals are some of the best around, and they will provide a clear and concise look at all the options available to you during your case.

Our members don’t just bring a track record of success, we are respected members of the community:

  • Legal Aid Ontario
  • Catharines District Council of Scouts Canada
  • YMCA Niagara
  • Family & Children’s Services of the Niagara Region

We work with clients in private and public construction projects; our team knows what hurdles to expect in all stages of the construction project. It is why clients trust us for clear, honest advice on legal fees, risks, and outcomes.

Partner With a Leading Firm in Niagara Falls

Don’t let your construction project get tangled in a web of laws and policies. Instead, look ahead to positive outcomes with Lancaster Brooks & Welch. We are one of the leading legal firms for some of the top Niagara construction businesses. Our lawyers advise in areas such as:

  • Property owners
  • Suppliers of building components
  • Architects and design professionals
  • Construction managers
  • Commercial lenders
  • Products and materials companies
  • Contractors and subcontractors
  • Municipal departments

Complete Projects Efficiently, Cost-Effectively

Developing real estate is complex, expensive, and laden with risk; especially if you don’t work with the right team of lawyers. Our lawyers will guide you throughout the project, helping you minimize risks, unlock opportunities, and keep the project on track.

Book a free, no-obligation consultation today with our construction lawyers. We can assist with administrative, labour, real estate, contractual issues, and more. If your case goes to court, we have the capacity and capability to represent your interests vigorously.

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Corporate & Commercial

Corporation law governs the formation, governance and dissolution of corporations. Commercial law is that branch of private law concerned primarily with the supply of goods or services by merchants and other businesses for profit.

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Family law governs relationships between spouses, between parents and their children. In family law, marriage and divorce fall under federal jurisdiction but most other issues, including adoption and matrimonial property disputes, fall under provincial laws that vary widely.

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Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property is the legal right to ideas, inventions and creations in the industrial, scientific, literary and artistic fields. It also covers symbols, names, images, designs and models used in business. Without realizing it, your business may be creating IP assets that should be protected.

Establishing intellectual property protection for your goods, services or brand names is important for a variety of reasons including your protecting your right and ownership of your IP. Preventing competitors copying your ideas; establishing and protecting brand and the resulting customer identification with your IP.

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Labour & Employment

A Trusted Employment Law Firm in St. Catharines

Resolve disputes, protect your rights, and navigate Ontario’s complex employment and labour laws with a top-rated team of employment lawyers. Receive pragmatic, knowledgeable advice from an experienced team that assists individuals, businesses, builders, institutions, and non-profits.

We advise and represent clients at negotiation, settlement, and before Ontario tribunals and courts. You will work with a team that helps clients protect future interests without compromising their rights.

Book a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your employment matter.

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Full-Service Employment and Labour Lawyers Near You

Don’t believe the myth–employment matters are deeply personal, and you need a law firm that can handle them sensitively.

Receive real-world, actionable insights from lawyers who advise and represent on all employment and labour matters such as:

  • Employment contracts
  • Employment consulting
  • Wrongful termination
  • Labour law acts
  • Termination negotiations
  • Sexual harassment
  • Workplace discrimination
  • Equal pay
  • Disability and accommodation
  • Statutory and legislative compliance

Respected, Reputed Employment Lawyers

With over 130 years in practice, Lancaster Brooks & Welch is one of the most established and largest firms in the region. Clients turn to us for decisive action and dependable advice. Our members are respected members of society, associated with organizations such as:

  • YMCA Niagara
  • Legal Aid Ontario
  • Family & Children’s Services of the Niagara Region
  • Catharines District Council of Scouts Canada

Receive contemporary advice from a knowledgeable and approachable team that looks out for your best interests. We provide holistic guidance to resolve disputes efficiently.

Employment Contracts

Minimize risks and financial liabilities with an experienced team that helps small and large businesses with employment contracts and workforce structuring. We will help you operate the way you want to, build scalability in your organization, and reduce financial liabilities. We draft, review, and negotiate employment contracts.

Termination Pay

Receive clear, actionable advice on termination notices and pay from a team that advises employers and employees. Protect your interests with help from lawyers who will represent you vigorously and shield you from the glare of employment negotiations.

Determine how much pay and notice is due under the Employment Standards Act (ESA), and don’t let the other party bully you into accepting their excessive demands.

Severance Pay

Understand complex severance matters and take informed next steps with trusted employment lawyers in the Niagara Falls region.  We advise businesses, labour organizations, and individuals on their severance rights and obligations.

Human Rights Complaints

Work with a compassionate group that advises and represents on all matters of discrimination, accommodation, accessibility, equality, and more. Discuss your complaint with a knowledgeable, compassionate group and understand your options. We devise strategies that align with outcomes for you and protect your rights.

Enabling Productive, Prosperous Workplaces in Niagara Falls and St. Catharines

Don’t let employment disputes become acrimonious, “he said, she said” mud-slinging. Grow your organization responsibly as a leader, and protect your rights as an employee with a respected law firm.

Book a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your case, understand your options, and take informed next steps.

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The term litigation (civil litigation) refers to a legal dispute between two or more parties that seek money damages or specific performance rather than criminal sanctions. A litigator represent parties in trials, arbitrations and mediations before administrative agencies, foreign tribunals, and federal, provincial, and local courts.

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Mediation & Arbitration

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in which the parties in dispute retain a neutral third party to assist them in resolving their dispute.

Arbitration is a process for resolving legal disputes by recourse to a neutral third party chosen by the parties in dispute, to adjudicate their dispute.

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Personal Injury

Personal Injury Law refers to the legal remedies and defenses involved in civil lawsuits brought as a result of wrongful conduct. Personal injury claims include such matters as catastrophic injuries and fatalities caused by motor vehicle accidents, slip and falls; no fault/accident benefits; dog bites/attacks, as well as short and long term disability claims.

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Real Estate

Real estate law governs the purchase, sale, mortgaging, leasing and other encumbering of residential (eg, houses, condominiums, duplexes), rural (eg, farms and ranches), commercial (income-generating, eg, shopping centres, apartments, office or industrial buildings) or institutional (eg, churches, schools, hospitals or airports) properties.

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Our Sports Law team provides advice to various national, provincial, professional and amateur sport organizations in matters of employment, governance, athlete selection, AAP, policy matters, and contract negotiations.

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Wills and Estates

That part of the law which regulates Wills, Powers of Attorney, Trusts, Probate and other subjects related to the management of another’s property.

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