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From Job Offer to Termination: How Employment Lawyers Protect You at Every Step

Your relationships with employers are some of the most important because they will provide the means to support your personal and professional goals. That said, trying to decode employment agreements and Ontario’s employment laws can seem daunting. Find out how employment lawyers in St. Catharines can help protect your rights, from reviewing your job offer to guiding you through disputes.

How Employment Lawyers in St. Catharines Protect Your Rights as an Employee?

  1. Making Informed Decisions About Your Job Offer Receiving a new job offer can be exhilarating, but it is essential for you to understand your entitlements and obligations. An employment lawyer can review your contract, tell you about your rights and responsibilities, and possibly provide insight into aspects that need to be negotiated.
  2. Receiving Fair Wages and Benefits Ontario is set to raise the minimum wage to $16.55 per hour as of October 1, 2023. An employment law attorney can ensure you are paid in line with provincial requirements, receive the benefits you are entitled to, and possibly help you advocate for a living wage, given recent inflation.
  3. Protecting You Against Discrimination in the Workplace The Ontario Human Rights Commission found 66% of people feel discrimination is an issue in the workplace. The most common reasons for discrimination are race, sexual orientation, and disability. Ontario has strong protections in place to ensure equal treatment, and an employment lawyer can help you assess and implement your rights.
  4. Navigating Maternity and Parental Leave Ontario ensures parental leave and EI benefits for parents, however, understanding your options can be complex. An employment lawyer can help you understand your options and maximize the time you can spend with your new bundle of joy.
  5. Addressing Workplace Harassment Workplace harassment is, unfortunately, a reality for many. The CBC reports 70% of Canadian employees face workplace harassment. Employment lawyers can help stop the harassment and shield you from the glare of an employment law dispute.
  6. Understanding Termination, Layoffs, and Severance Termination, layoff, and severance are distinctly different, though people commonly refer to them interchangeably. Amongst this confusion, you may not realize your rights are being sidelined. A lawyer can help you understand what your rights are and tell you if your employer has met their obligations.
  7. Protecting Your Rights During Restructuring Company restructurings, such as department closures and group layoffs, can be unsettling. Things move very fast, which is why you need to have an experienced lawyer to protect you against wrongful termination and ensure the company is fulfilling its obligations.
  8. Navigating Non-Compete and Non-Disclosures Ontario prohibits non-compete agreements with employees, except for a few exceptions. While non-disclosures agreements are valid, you may have grounds for an employment law dispute if they curtail your rights. An employment law attorney can advise and represent you before your employer and before the courts to protect you from overreaching employers.

A Fruitful Relationship is Based on an Understanding of Your Rights

At Lancaster Brooks & Welch LLP, our employment lawyers in St. Catharines bring over a century of experience helping Ontarians lead happy and prosperous professional lives. We advise and represent clients in all matters, including workplace discrimination, wrongful termination, contract negotiation, and more. Book a complimentary, no-obligation consultation to discuss your matter worry-free with an experienced legal professional.

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