Real Estate Law

Real estate law governs the purchase, sale, mortgaging, leasing and other encumbering of residential (eg, houses, condominiums, duplexes), rural (eg, farms and ranches), commercial (income-generating, eg, shopping centres, apartments, office or industrial buildings) or institutional (eg, churches, schools, hospitals or airports) properties.

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Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate encompasses ever expanding and increasingly complex types of transactions involving the purchase, sale, leasing and financing of freehold, leasehold and condominium commercial and industrial properties With the myriad of legislative and common law issues that impact each transaction it is critical to engage a lawyer in the field at the very outset to provide the necessary advice and guidance to optimize the expectation of substantial financial success.

Residential Real Estate

Residential Real Estate

Whether Buying or Selling your home, investment or recreational property, a condo or vacant land, a lawyer’s assistance in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale is often critical. It’s been said that this Agreement is the most important document in a real estate transaction.

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