Leanne Standryk, senior partner at Lancaster Brooks & Welch LLP, and long time supporter of the Fort Erie Native Cultural Centre is particularly engaged in the Friend Project

When Leanne shared some of her guidance and perspective with The FRIEND Project it would be almost impossible not glean professionalism, persistence and preparedness from her thoughts:



“I think that’s it’s important to understand that success doesn’t mean avoiding failure. Failure is a natural part of the journey to success and it just means that you have to have the courage to persevere and continue.”


Leanne Standryk

The FRIEND Anti-Racism Project

…is Fighting to give Niagara’s Indigenous people opportunity.

…sees Racism as a barrier that only the truth can unravel.

…is Inclusively engaging the community at large.

…is Empowering all the people to achieve success.

…helps Niagara’s people see positive Indigeneity.

…is a Dialogue of civic significance.

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