Sole Proprietorship vs. Incorporation – Which one is right for you?

by Jillian Ali, Associate Making the decision to start a business can often be overwhelming amidst the excitement. Following the development of a business endeavor, determining the business structure best suited to help build a successful business will be an important initial consideration for all prospective business proprietors. Specific tax implications and insurance liability coverage […] Read More

Protect your Business for Future Generations

by Kristi Collins   Congratulations! You have built your family business into a great success! In a time when big box businesses reign supreme, this is no easy feat. You have invested all of your energy, time and money into making your business what it is today. Your family has been with you through the […] Read More

Who would guess that your www. could have so many legal considerations?

By Robert Galloway   Domain names are unique identifiers/addresses for a specific websites. In today’s technological age, sole practitioners, partnerships, and corporations must have an online presence to succeed in the corporate world. The easiest way to create an online presence is by creating a website and registering an associated domain name. Unlike trademarks where […] Read More

Family Law 101 – What to expect when you are separating.

by Jean Gaspich-Beaton The Initial Consultation- With Your Lawyer   The initial consultation is much like an interview process in that you will be asked many questions, and you will provide important information needed for your lawyer to formulate and opinion and give you advice. I always tell potential client’s at our first meeting that […] Read More

Have yourself a Merry…

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas Holiday???        By Leanne Standryk, Partner   As we approach the holiday season, many of our employer clients prepare to celebrate achievements of the past year and share festive thanks to employees, clients, suppliers etc. for contributing to the success of their business.  You plan celebrations which often include decorations around […] Read More

Estate Administration Tax Act – The New Reporting Requirements

Estate Administration Tax Act –   The New Reporting Requirements by Dave Thomas A new reporting regime has started for Estate Trustees in Ontario.    Anyone who has, after January 1, 2015, applied for and received a Certificate of Appointment as Estate Trustee from the Superior Court, must file a detailed Estate Information Return with the Ministry […] Read More

A Deal is a Deal for Commercial Disputes in Ontario

by Yar Diduch   The Commercial Mediation Act, 2010 (CMA) is celebrating its fifth anniversary of existence since being enacted on October 25, 2010. It is still early to gauge the extent of the business community’s use of this piece of legislation, but there is no denying that Ontario now offers several advantages to mediating […] Read More

What Happens In Vegas – Can Get You Fired

By Vita Gauley   From inappropriate posts on Facebook to distasteful tweets disparaging an employer’s business – some employees have now found themselves out of a job as a result of their use of social media. As social media becomes the new norm of communication what has traditionally been considered a matter of one’s private […] Read More

The Written Employment Contract

 by Leanne Standryk   Introduction Employers are using written employment contracts more and more, and for good reason. The increasing complexity of employment law and the high costs of termination have forced employers to be more careful when they establish new employment relationships. While no contract can address every potential issue, there is much to […] Read More

New Legislation Increases Award Cap to Terminated Employees

New Legislation Increases Award Cap to Terminated Employees By     Civita Gauley & Leanne Standryk   Terminated employees who are seeking compensation reflective of termination pay, statutory severance pay and unpaid wages owed to them often find themselves seeking out the assistance of the Ministry of Labour (MOL), Employment Standards Branch (ESB). The choice of the […] Read More

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