Change of Name Act – and Changing a Child’s Name

Hardly any parent can imagine when their child is born that they may get involved in a heated custody dispute over their new precious gift.  As a result, parents often do not pay much mind to the child’s last name and often simply follow the tradition of using the father’s last name or perhaps a […] Read More

Renovating? Hiring Contractors? What Every Homeowner Should Know

By Johanna McNulty Whether you are thinking about embarking on a major renovation project, or building your own custom dream home on your own lot, there are important legal requirements in the Construction Lien Act that may apply to you. The purpose of this article is to provide you, as a homeowner, with a brief […] Read More

A Call to Employers to Review Internal Dress Codes: Ontario Human Rights Commission Publishes Inquiry Report on Sexual & Gender-Based Dress Codes

By Vita Gauley In November, 2015, as a result of concerns appearing in the media, including a CBC Marketplace inquiry focused on restaurant dress codes, the Ontario Human Rights Commission (Commission) was prompted to revisit its position and policy on sexualized or gender-based dress codes. The CBC Marketplace highlighted that while the issue seemed prevalent […] Read More


PROTECT YOUR PRINCIPAL RESIDENCE EXEMPTION! – CHANGES TO REPORTING REQUIREMENTS FOR THE SALE OF YOUR HOME By Dave Thomas   Generally speaking, Canadians do not pay any Capital Gains Tax on the growth in value of their homes.  The Income Tax Act provides an exemption called the “Principal Residence Exemption”.  In most cases, if you own […] Read More

Drafting Purposes for Charitable Registration of Arts Activities

  When preparing an application to register a corporation as a charitable organization, an applicant must take particular care in drafting the purposes section of the application, as these define the objectives and objects the organization hopes to achieve upon incorporation. The purposes define what the organization plans to accomplish in incorporating itself. This guide […] Read More

The Importance of Shareholders’ Agreements for Private Corporations

When incorporating a corporation with other individuals or purchasing shares in an existing corporation as a way of partnering in business with others, taking the time to negotiate a Shareholders’ Agreement is always strongly advised. A Shareholders’ Agreement is a highly valuable document that not only sets out the current organizational structure of a corporation […] Read More

New regulations under the Securities Act, makes it easier for corporations to sell shares over the Internet

By Matthew Leask, Associate LBW Start-ups and Small businesses looking to enter new markets or create new products or services often face challenges raising money to fund their entrepreneurial ventures. At Lancaster Brooks & Welch LLP we specialize in helping people with great business ideas get off the ground, and proper funding can be major […] Read More

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