Limitations Act – Representations and Warranties

by Michael A. Mann In January 2004 the Limitations Act of Ontario 2002 (“the Act”) came into effect. One of the most significant aspects of the Act was the reduction of the limitation period to initiate lawsuits from 6 years to 2 years (subject to certain specific exceptions). Section 22 of the Act states that […] Read More

Succession in Small Business

by Gary L. Black Gary L. Black discusses importance of business succession, particularly for smaller businesspeople and explores impact on a business of the the five “D’s”: Divorce; Disagreement; Disability; Death; and Debt. Read More

The Written Employment Contract

by Leanne E. Standryk This article was written by Leanne E. Standryk. It is designed to highlight some important concepts that may assist an employer who is wondering whether or not a written contract is needed, and if so what should be included. The article is aimed at a non-unionized setting and addresses common elements […] Read More

Contract and Self Employment: A Work Force Perspective

by Leanne E. Standryk This article was written by Leanne E. Standryk. The article is based on the premise that Employer’s are increasingly looking for a more flexible workforce to reduce the costs associated with carrying a permanent workforce. Individuals are forced to seek alternative means of employment and are more than ever establishing their […] Read More

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