Environmental Assessments – Part Two

by Bruce Smith Last month’s bulletin talked about the necessity of an Environmental Assessment (EA) when one purchases commercial or industrial land. The following describes the additional levels of EA required if the Phase was not satisfactory. Read More

Environmental Assessments – Part One

by Bruce Smith The terms are verbally agreed and you will be purchasing commercial or industrial property. Now you must negotiate the agreement of purchase and sale. Should you insert a clause making the agreement conditional upon receiving satisfactory resultsfrom an environmental assessment or environmental audit (“EA”). Why would you want an EA and what […] Read More

Ontario Greenbelt Legislation

by Robert Welch Background When Dalton McGuinty’s Liberals swept into power in the provincial election in 2003 they did so on a platform comprising of a number of planks wrapped up in the slogan “Choose Change”. Land use issues, while not attracting a great amount of attention, were mentioned. The Oak Ridges Moraine north of […] Read More

Human Rights – What Every Employer Should Know

by Leanne E. Standryk The law pertaining to human rights legislation is a matter of public policy in Ontario. It stands for the proposition that people are entitled to be treated equally and with dignity. In the past, human rights issues were typically a very small part of employment/labour law matter. Now, such issues re-define […] Read More

Lawyers as Attorneys

by Gary Black A continuing Power of Attorney for Property designates a person(s) to make decisions for you in the event of your incapacity and is a must for everyone, and particularly for those in the business community. A sudden loss of capacity through an accident or illness could have devastating results for one’s business. […] Read More

Multiple Wills

by Michael Man This article discusses the possibility of separating certain assets into multiple wills for probate tax planning purposes. Read More

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