Social Host – How to Host a Party Without Being Sued

by Sheila Marcantonio The Supreme Court of Canada recently handed down a decision related to the liability of home owners hosting a party. Zoe Childs, an 18 year old girl, was rendered a paraplegic and her boyfriend was fatally injured when the car that they were riding in was struck head on by a vehicle […] Read More

Beware of Bog

by Michael A. Mann In this article, Michael A. Mann offers some sound advice to bear in mind when purchasing real property. Read More

Joint Tenancy – Use With Extreme Caution

by Harry Thorsteinson One of the most abused “tools” in estate planning is the misuse of joint “tenancy” or “ownership”. Many assets can be owned in this fashion and it is most frequently used by husbands and wives – houses, bank accounts and investments are examples. The significance of this type of ownership is that […] Read More

Ontario Human Rights Code: The Duty of Accommodation

by Leanne Standryk Human Rights legislation restricts the rights of employers to freely negotiate or terminate an employment contract and to manage the workplace environment in accordance with legitimate business interests. Employers must provide a work environment that is free from harassment and discrimination and must deal quickly, fairly and effectively with human rights issues […] Read More

Saying Goodbye to Mandatory Retirement

By Leanne E. Standryk On December 12, 2006, virtually every policy or union contract requiring retirement at age 65 (or some other defined age) will be prohibited as age discrimination. The decision about when to retire will be the decision of the employee, not the employer. Read More

Environmental Assessments – Part Two

by Bruce Smith Last month’s bulletin talked about the necessity of an Environmental Assessment (EA) when one purchases commercial or industrial land. The following describes the additional levels of EA required if the Phase was not satisfactory. Read More

Environmental Assessments – Part One

by Bruce Smith The terms are verbally agreed and you will be purchasing commercial or industrial property. Now you must negotiate the agreement of purchase and sale. Should you insert a clause making the agreement conditional upon receiving satisfactory resultsfrom an environmental assessment or environmental audit (“EA”). Why would you want an EA and what […] Read More

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