Municipal Employees and Amalgamations

by Leanne E. Standryk The increase in municipal amalgamations throughout Ontario has brought with it great uncertainty for those individuals employed by those municipalities. Concerns are mostly related to the possibility of job loss. The amalgamated entity may decide to either continue or terminate an individual’s employment relationship. The intention of this article is to […] Read More

Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act: Changing the Landscape of Privacy Regulation in Ontario

by Leanne E. Standryk Written by Leanne E. Standryk, this article canvasses the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), which was brought into force in Ontario effective January 1, 2004. Readers will learn about the content and purpose behind PIPEDA and how to adapt to the legislative requirements imposed by this important, new […] Read More

Title Fraud

by Harry Thorsteinson With the advent of computerization into our system of land registration the problem of “title fraud” has become more acute. This paper reviews this problem and examines ways to protect oneself. Read More

Important Dates in a Commercial Transaction

by Michael A. Mann When one is purchasing or selling a business the lawyers and accountants often refer to a number of important dates – the due diligence date, the conditional date, the effective date, and the closing date. Each has a different significance to the transaction. Read More

Ethical Wills

by Harry Thorsteinson I never knew my father-in-law. He died suddenly a few months before my wife was born. I consider that to be a real loss, but a loss that pales in comparison to the loss suffered by my wife who grew up in a loving single parent home, but never knew her father. […] Read More

Are you Allowed to Monitor your Employee’s E-mail and Internet Use?

by Leanne Standryk Internet abuse by employees – in every profession, in every rank and of every nature – is a serious problem for employers seeking at once to integrate the internet as a high efficiency business tool and at the same time manage its alluring, non-work related temptations. Internet and e-mail monitoring by employers […] Read More

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